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Aerial Express Gymnastics and Dance

3106 North Monroe St
Monroe, MI 48162




Develop your whole child in our clean, fun, enriching environment

Instructional Classes for Girls

Even though Aerial Express has competitive teams we believe that EVERY child should be allowed the chance to reach their full potential. Here at Aerial Express our philosophy is teach it "right" the first time. This may sometimes take longer as there is no shortcut to learning the correct technique. This patience serves children well when their good basics allow them to learn more advanced skills without being stuck as they move levels.

 Our coaches are selected for their genuine love of children as well as their technical expertise, Saying it another way, if you are concerned about the character of the people who mentor your children, Aerial Express is the clear best choice for your kids. We are looking to develop your child inside and out! 

Students are evaluated so they are grouped in classes working on similar skills .

Levels  are

Beginner A - 1 hour class No previous experience -- will learn the fundamental basics of gymnastics and train all events (Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise, and Vault)

Beginner B - 1 hour class Cartwheels pretty close to vertical , bridges,  rolling,  circuiting knowledge, and "run and punch" (vault) are a few of the skills expected to be mastered to be in this class. Working archbacks, walk up pullovers, handstands. Students are evaluated to move to the next level.

Novice - 1 hour class These students will already have mastered archbackshandstands, and hurdle cartwheels and are working on backbends, pullovers, vertical handstands, Jumping to Resi and high beam skills. Students are evaluated to move on to next levels.

Intermediate A - 1 hour class - Can perform backbends, Handstand rolls, limbers, working on back bend kickovers, and handstand holds.  Gymnasts will show good body control in skills, confident beam work,  pullovers, back hip circles and sole circles, as well as handstand "timbers"  with control.  Students are evaluated to move to next level . 

Intermediate B - 1 hour class  Can perform backbend kickovers with good form, handstand skills in control, flat back vaults, front handspring work,  power hurdle roundoffs, stride circles, dive rolls, and are  beginning back handspring drills and conditioning. Students are evaluated to move to next level,

Transitional - 1 hour 15 minute class - Back handspring drills, front handsprings, dive rolls, combination bar skills, flat backs with repulsion, with basic skills mastered well. Students are evaluated to move to next level.

Advanced A - 1 hour 15 minutes - Back handsprings, Front tucks, Round off back handsprings, Bar sequences , Kip drills, Handspring flatback and conditioning.  Students are evaluated to move to next level.

Advanced B 1 hour 15 minutes Former competitive gymnasts and those who pass advanced A

Back Tucks, Layouts, front tumbling, Bar work, and Vaulting on Table.