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Aerial Express Gymnastics and Dance

3106 North Monroe St
Monroe, MI 48162




Develop your whole child in our clean, fun, enriching environment


We do not have make ups as a rule because we do not want additional children in your child's class each week. This would be a distraction and would take time away from your child. Safety First is our motto.


Tuition for Gymnastics :                                                       Annual registration for gymnastics  $30

30 minutes = $35 a month   2nd class $30  3rd $25                                                                        $15 2nd child

45 minutes = $50 a month   2nd class $45  3rd  $40                                                                        $5 3rd child

1 hour class = $60 a month   2nd class  $50   3rd $45                                              Maximum per family is $50

1 hour 15 min class= $70 a month  2nd class $60  3rd $55                                                    Dance Only Reg   $20


 Private classes for students available . Limited time slots are available. Privates are to be paid  before attending.  $30 per class or $100 a month. Privates are not included in a multiple class discount.

Tuition for Dance :  30 minutes = $30 a month  2nd class $25   3rd class $20

                                    45 minutes= $45 a month    2nd class $40    3rd class $35 

Tuition for tumbling /Ninja class   45 minutes  for $50 a month 2nd class $45  3rd class $40





Tuition is paid by the month whether there are 3, 4, or 5 weeks in the month. Your monthly fee is formulated by adding  up  all the weeks of class from Sept to May and divided by 9  months. June will be  a partial depending on when recital is.  Monthly tuition rates have been calculated based on your child receiving 33-36 classes for the year.   Tuition price remains the same regardless of whether your child's class meets 3, 4, or 5 times per month.  Registration fee and September tuition are due upon enrollment.  October-June payments will be due on the 1st week of each month .  June payment will be a partial payment depending on recital date. If an  account has not been paid in full by the 1st class of the month then a $10 late fee will be added.   Refunds are not available for missed classes.  At least one inclement weather day has been built into the class schedule and all holiday time off has been accounted for.  If we incur more than one "snow day" for the day of your child's class or an unforeseen event occurs (Electricity out or building problem such as heat not working etc ) that takes your child's annual class total below 33 class sessions offered, a make-up option or refund will be provided.  

For inclement weather please check our Facebook page or call the gym an hour before your scheduled class. The answering machine will be changed to a cancellation message if we have cancelled. Decisions on snow days etc may not be made until 2:30 pm  We really want to be there if we feel it is safe to be.  .Morning classes will be decided by 9am.